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Women have long faced challenges in their role as equal citizens and each of the rights that we take for granted today has a story that includes the role played by a vast number of amazing men and women.

Do have a look at the timeline below to understand the milestones that women fought for over the years and the people behind them:

The All India Mahila Congress (AIMC) is the women’s wing of the All India Congress Committee and Ms. Sushmita Dev, Member of Parliament (Silchar) is the current President of the AIMC.

The women’s movement has a long history in India and we are very proud of the role played by a number of women Congress leaders who fought for women’s rights and the country’s independence.

The National Council

The Pradesh / Territorial
Mahila Congress Committees

The District / City
Mahila Congress Committee

The Block / Ward
Mahila Congress Committee

Mahila Congress believes that women’s empowerment is crucial to the progress of the Indian Republic and that we must work together with men as equal partners to ensure that all citizens are equally empowered.

However there are still areas where Legislation and Public Policy have not kept pace with our core objective – allowing women to take their rightful place in society. We believe that to fight for our rights we need to speak up on behalf of each of our sisters. If you too are convinced that women’s rights are worth fighting for, and that we have to raise our voices so loudly that they cannot be ignored any more, then join us in demanding our rights in a strong and unequivocal manner.

According to the Constitution of the Mahila Congress, the Organisation shall work towards fulfilling the following objectives:

  • To organize the women of India towards the realization of the objectives of the Indian National Congress
  • To enable them to contribute towards the realization of a secular, socialist, democratic India.

The Mahila Congress as an organization has a role to play in the following fields:


  • To organize the women of India towards the realization of the objectives of the Indian National Congress.
  • Work for the political awakening and larger participation of women in political and governance institutions. Pursue and push the agenda of getting 33% Women’s Reservation Bill (WRB) in all elected Bodies- from Panchayat to Parliament.
  • Be an active arm of the AICC for recruitment, canvassing and encouraging citizens to vote for the establishment of a Congress government
  • Be the voice of the women of India


  • Bring women together from different walks of life to help create a progressive and just society as promised in our Constitution
  • Support women in their fight for gender equality, justice and safety
  • Create awareness and help implement women-focused social, health and economic programs run by the Central and State Governments
  • Promote National Unity and Integration and Communal Harmony amongst all


  • Be the training ground for women who want to participate in politics
  • Create a large talent pool of Mahila Leadership in the country
  • Provide opportunity, exposure, platform and a strong peer support system for upcoming women leaders
  • Impart training in Public and Political work in close association with the Indian National Congress along with other Organizations formed by, associated with or recognized by the AICC
  • Take up all such activities that are necessary for and incidental to the objectives of the Mahila Congress and Congress
  • Building the capacity of the Mahila Congress Cadre: the Mahila Congress becomes the repository of the “best in society” including the best students, business leaders, sports people, musicians, film-makers, academics, scientists, professionals, respected community leaders and so on – either as members or as active supporters committed to the cause of Positive social transformation.
  • Political
  • Social
  • Organisational