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Young women in India have been denied a place and say in politics and policy, often due to societal norms or a lack of safe spaces. This is what the Mahila Congress seeks to change, Priyadarshini is a focused attempt to touch the lives of young girls in our country.

Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi – an inspiration to women all over the globe. It is her indomitable spirit and courage of conviction that we wish to instill in every young woman, every Priyadarshini. Young women (15-35 years old) comprise nearly 17% of the population, in other words, every 6th person in India is a potential Priyadarshini and we hope to reach out to each one of them.


This program will support young women understand and meet their needs in line with Congress ideologies. Priyadarshinis will be well-rounded individuals who take charge of their lives and fulfill their aspirations. They will be able to engage with political processes on every aspect to create a more fair, just and equitable India. This is an opportunity for young women to come forward and embrace their role in shaping the future of this country.  

This year, Priyadarshinis will be involved in activities and advocacy relating to four select policy themes, namely safety, health, education, and employment.


4 incidents of rape and overall 39 incidents of crime against women are reported every hour. Women’s safety in India is an issue that requires redressal at the social, institutional as well as policy level and this program will address the issue at all of these levels. Safety issues may be broadly classified into the following:

(i) Safety in the domestic sphere

(ii) Safety in the public sphere


Approximately 70% of all reproductive health diseases in India are caused due to poor menstrual hygiene and over 20% maternal mortality is due to anemia. Young women in India are at a higher malnutrition and mortality risk throughout adolescence and reproductive years. While there are multiple aspects that contribute to the same, the following issues are a source of burning concern:

(i) Menstrual health and hygiene

(ii) Micronutrients deficiency


Nearly 63.5% of all female students enrolled in primary education drop-out of school during adolescence. Further, there are 70% more male enrolment in diploma courses  These statistics are telling of the challenges that young girls face in realizing their educational aspirations. In light of this, two major concerns appear:

(i) The high female drop-out rate

(ii) Access to higher education


The labor force participation rate for women in India is only 28.5% as compared 82.8% for men. In sharp contrast, Indian women put in 90% more time in unpaid housework as compared to men. Additionally, there is an over 20% gender wage pay gap in India. Hence, two major concern that appears is:

(i) Low labor force participation rate

(ii) The wage gap between men and women

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment


 Platform to be heard and have your needs as young women understood and met

Opportunity to be a part of a strong, vibrant all girls community

Career counselling with successful mentors from different professions

Support and assistance in college admission process

Internship opportunities with Congress leaders

Opportunity to be mentored by women from different professions and walks of life


This program is an initiative of the All India Mahila Congress (AIMC), it seeks to create a vibrant space for young women and girls (16-35 years old) to get involved in politics and policy discourse.

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